Matriculation means you have been accepted and have commenced studies leading to a specific certificate or diploma or degree, and that you are responsible for all applicable tuition and fees. These are made known to each applicant before loan agreements are signed. No student will be awarded a diploma unless all financial and academic requirements have been satisfied and that includes any late fees or other charges. Tuition payments are made on or before the 5th of each month until the loan has been retired. There is no interest charged so long as the student maintains a good payment history, and all payments are rounded to the closest dollar. Eligible applicants may be entitled to financial assistance that may vary depending upon the individual and the circumstances. The following scholarship was established on January 10, 1995: The Archimandrite Mark W Gielow Memorial Scholarship Fund awards eligible degree process students $500.00 to $1,000.00 towards their tuition depending upon the individual, the income, and the need. This does not apply to licentiate degree programs.

Description of Charge  
See Program Catalog
Undergraduate Degree
Graduate Programs
Master of Divinity and Doctorates
Specialty & Graduate Licentiates
See Program Catalog
Advanced Credit Evaluation
$ 75.00
Study Extension Fee  (30 Day)
$ 50.00
Study Extension Fee  (1 Year)
Transferred Credit
$ 30.00 per Credit
Alumni Association
$ 75.00 Annually
Duplicate Diploma
$ 75.00
Intent & Graduation Fee
Late Tuition Payment Fee
$ 25.00
Oral Defense Fee
Examination Fee
Psi Epsilon Delta
$100.00 Annually
Returned Check Fee
$ 30.00
Process Change Fee
Project Review Fee
Transcript Fee (1st One Free)
$ 10.00

All foreign students must make payments of any kind in United States Dollars (USD).


Textbooks are not included in tuition unless stated otherwise. Textbooks are invoiced and must be paid prior to their shipping. Fees are non-refundable. Unofficial withdrawal from a program does not forgive the financial obligation of a student.

Program Tuition Refund Policy

1-10 days from acceptance:    60%
11-23 days from acceptance:  40%
24-29 days from acceptance:  20%

No refunds after thirty (30) days. Refunds Applicable to Tuition and Not Down Payment.


Treasury Regulation. 1.162.5 Expenses for Education. General Rule. Expenditures by an individual for education, including research undertaken as part of his/her educational program (with certain exceptions) are deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses, (even though education may lead to a degree). If the education maintains or improves skills required by the individual in his/her employment or other trade or business; and/or meets the express requirements of the individual's employer, or the requirements of applicable law or regulations imposed as a condition to the retention by the individual of an established employment relationship, status, or rate of compensation, then requirements are met. Travel and lodging expenses are also deductible. Contact the Internal Revenue Service or College Administration for additional information.

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