In most of the biblical requirements following,  the student may select the bible that they wish to use except where a specific translation is noted. The Orthodox Study Bible is purchased through SMSC.

Biblical Herbs for Healing

A survey of plants and herbs found in the Bible used for healing and wellness that the student will address in essay form, and give insight into how they were used throughout history.

Biblical Interpretation of the Pentateuch

The student will submit an essay explaining the first five books of the Bible, and giving their thoughts on parts that might be controversial or hard to interpret.

Biblical Survey: Acts of the Apostles

The student is expected to give a synopsis of this book and explain how the early Church was established and continued by the apostles after Christ. The Bible used is at the discretion of the student

Biblical Survey: Galatians and Acts of the Apostles

This essay must prove comprehension of both books of the Bible, and should include the student's opinion of what was read.

Biblical Survey: Gospels and Acts of the Apostles

This essay must prove the student's comprehension of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and explain the journeys and works of the Apostles noted in their Acts.

Biblical Survey: Healing

The student must find in the Bible five accounts of healing and give a full account of the facts giving the book, chapter, and verse(s) of where the information was found. The student is also asked to give their thoughts on miracles and healing. Essay required.

Biblical Survey: Leviticus

This essay must prove comprehension of the laws described in Leviticus, and a personal opinion of them and how these are, or might be, observed today.

Biblical Survey: Pentateuch

Critique of the first five books of the Old Testament. Students are allowed to use a Bible of their choice.

Healing Oils of the Bible

This book documents more than 500 scriptural references to thirty-three essential oils, their uses, and the plants from which they come in Biblical times. Essay required.

Levitical Laws

The student will read Leviticus in the Bible, and will then prepare an essay that focuses on the biblical laws found in this Book of the Bible. The essay should also contain an opinion of the laws and how they might be applied today.

Orthodox Study Bible: Biblical Laws

Using the Orthodox Study Bible, the student will look up various biblical laws including the Decalogue and Levitical Laws, and expound on each of them. The student must write on at least ten laws given in Holy Scripture. The student may use a Bible of choice.


Oxford Companion to the Bible

This is an authoritative reference to people, places, events, books, institutions, religious beliefs, and secular influence of the Bible, written by more than 250 scholars from twenty countries on five continents. It embraces a wide variety of perspectives and is a comparative study in both Biblical Studies and Theology. Essay and opinion required


Plants of the Bible

The student must locate at least ten different plants mentioned in the Bible that were used for healing purposes, and then detail how each are used in contemporary herbalism. Essay required.