Administration and Faculty

Synod of Bishops (Syro-Russian)
Dr Basil Gikas, Ph.D., Dean of Education
Very Reverend Thomas Dillon, J.C.D., D.Ch., F.S.A.C., Rector
Dr Peter Smyth, Ph.D., F.S.A.C., Dean of Canadian Extension
Rev Father Steven Johnson, Th.B., Archivist
Dr Melodi Luko, D.Ch., F.S.A.C., Alumni Association President

Governing Board of Regents

Bishop Timothy of Cleveland, Chairman and Chancellor
Rev Father Demetrios Eric Wruck, D.C., Member & Chief Advisor
Rev Father Patrick Lemming, M.Div., Member
Dr Audrey Daniel, D.Ch., F.S.A.C., Member

St Mark Seminary & College Development Committee

His Excellency Bishop Timothy
Dr Hampton Bumgarner
Dr William Easley
Dr Melodi Luko
Dr Peter Smyth

Faculty Counselors & Examiners:

Archbishop Stephen,  Canon Law, Liturgics, Ministry
Bishop Timothy of Cleveland,  Theology, Physics, Mathematics
Dr Hampton Bumgarner,  Psycho-Spiritual Counseling, Spirituality, Healing
Dr Audrey Daniel,   Chiropathy, Herbology, Natural Healing
Dr William Easley,   Nutritional Counseling, Meridian Energetics
Rev Fr George Gonzalez, Canon Law, Roman Catholic Doctrines
Sr Irene Koch,   Pastoral Counseling, Ministry, Scripture
VR Fr Stephen Lawrence,  Canon Law, Chiropathy
Dr Mary Leason,   Herbology
Rev Fr Patrick Lemming,  Biblical Studies, Canon Law, Pastoral Counseling
Dr Melodi Luko,   Holistic Healing
Dr William Meeks,   Chiropathy, Nutrition, Judaic Studies
Dr Peter Smyth,   Theocentric Counseling and Psychotherapy
Dr Sharel Zacharias,   Nutrition, Theocentric Counseling and Psychotherapy

Saint Mark Seminary and College
456 Nimick Street
Sharon, PA 16146