Alexandrian Christianity

Essay on the book with attention given to the establishment and customs of the Church at Alexandria, and the faith of the faithful of the Alexandrian Church.

Byzantine East & Latin West

The essays found in this book examine certain key points or themes in the interaction of the East and West during the Medieval and Renaissance period with particular emphasis on the ecclesiastical and cultural influences of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine East on the West. An essay and opinion is required.

Byzantine-Russian Relations in the14th Century, Byzantium and the Rise of Russia

This book describes the role of the Byzantine diplomacy in the ecclesiastical structure and in the emergence of Moscow as the capital of Russia. Essay and opinion required.

Christian Centuries: The First Six Hundred Years

This study addresses the history of the Church from the origins to the emergence of Medieval Christianity. Essay and opinion required.

Christian Centuries: The Middle Ages

This is a history of the Church from the evangelization of Europe to the religious climate of the 15th century. Essay required.

Creeds, Councils, and Controversies …

Valuable information concerning the Creeds and Councils of the Orthodox Church, and the heresies condemned by the Council Fathers. Essay and opinion required.

Fourteen Byzantine Rulers

This is a study of some of the Emperors and Rulers of Byzantium, e.g., Basil II, Constantine VIII, and Michael IV, and their lives and achievements, and a history of the great city of Constantinople. An essay on this book is required.

Historical Road of Eastern Orthodoxy

This study is a reflection on the lone pilgrimage of Orthodoxy, an attempt to discern in its past, that which is essential and permanent, and that which is secondary, mere past. Essay and opinion required.

History of the Church (Eusebius)

Eusebius, bishop of the Church, wrote this classic book on the history of the early Christian Church. His grand theme – the working of Providence through the Apostolic Succession – embraces the ordeals of 146 martyrs, the teachings of 46 heretics, and the proceedings leading to the Council of Nicea and others. Essay required.

History of the Council of Florence 

Brief history of the Council of Florence and what stand the Orthodox Church makes concerning it. Critique essay required on this book.

History of Syro-Russian Orthodox Catholic Church

This small book contains many historical facts concerning the establishment, struggles, and achievements of the Syro-Russian Orthodox Catholic Church. Essay required.

History of Syro-Russian Orthodox Catholic Liturgy

This is an examination of the liturgical rites of the Syro-Russian Orthodox Catholic Church from 1892 until the present. Essay required.

Liturgy & Ritual of Celtic Church

A history and explanation of the Celtic liturgy (of which relatively little has survived) and the Byzantine practice. Essay required.

Mystery of the Church

This book captures the interest of Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike, and is both uplifting and informative. It gives a very good explanation of the Orthodox Christian Church, and offers explanations on some of the teachings of the faith. Essay required. 

Orthodox Christianity and English Tradition

This is a survey on the Orthodox heritage of England. Essay required.

Resisting Unto Blood

This is a study of martyrs of the True (Old Calendar) Orthodox Church of Romania. A very good book explaining the faith of True Orthodox Christians throughout the world. Essay and opinion required.

Short History of the Georgian Church

The Georgian Church, founded in the fourth century, has continued to this day as a distinct and independent jurisdiction apart from other Orthodox Churches. The essay on this subject should contain the history of this Church, and its beliefs. Essay required.

The Art of the Icon

This book begins with the Biblical and Patristic vision of beauty and then addresses the theology of the icon. It ends with a commentary on ten beautiful icons. Essay and opinion is required.