The student selects the textbooks used for these studies and must inform Saint Mark's of the name and publisher used in the preparation of the essay.

Open Essay

Open Essays allow the student to select any topic related to the subject that they wish to write on. Some may have a specific area to research. The essay may be related to a book, television program, documentary, personal experience, or other sources of information that they feel worth writing about.

Angels and Prophets of the Old Testament

This essay must demonstrate the student's understanding of what prophets and angels are, and will list the angels and prophets tat they find in the Old Testament, describing what they are known for.

Biblical Anointing

The student will research the Old and New Testaments in order to find biblical references to anointing and healing anointing. The essay will describe the rituals and oils used. The student is also expected to add a chapter or section on contemporary healing services in the Roman and Orthodox Catholic Churches.

Biblical & Sacred Law

The essay must establish a sound and thorough survey of the commandments of the Old Testament, the laws of God in relation to Adam and Eve and others, the law of Jesus Christ, and the laws affecting the people of both the Old and New Testaments.

  Biblical Survey: Healing and Anointing

The Bible gives many accounts of healing and the ritual of anointing. The student is required to find at least ten accounts and describe them in essay form disclosing where they were found in the Bible.

Biblical Survey: Pentateuch and Gospels

The student is required to examine the Pentateuch (first five books of the Bible) and the four Holy Gospels of the New Testament, and offer an essay on these that will demonstrate a good understanding of the their messages.

Biblical Survey: Synoptic Gospels

This is a study of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. The student must give a comparison between the three, and detail the Birth of Christ and His Crucifixion as written in all three. 

Interpretation of Revelation

The student must give a clear understanding of the Book of Revelation in essay form that must also contain a brief biography of its author, and a personal interpretation on the contents of this book.

Old & New Testament Ministry Survey

This study requires the student to examine the priestly ministry of the Holy Bible. The essay should contain information on the rites and beliefs of the Jewish Temple and early Christian Church.

  Adjudication Process

The student is required to study the tribunal procedures of the Canon Law Society found in the Code of Canons and Statutes (2007), and to observe at least two processes in both a civil and criminal hearing, either in a courtroom or on television. Essay required demonstrating an understanding of this matter.

Analysis of Constitutional Law

The student must provide a critical analysis of Constitutional Law in the United States with particular attention to Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Church and State, and the Bill of Rights. An essay and opinion is required.

Brief Preparation and Mediation

The student will create a canonical situation that requires a case to be placed before a tribunal (court). A mock brief is prepared that will be submitted to the tribunal showing cause for adjudication or dismissal, depending on the desire of the student. A second mock brief is prepared requesting mediation in a particular canonical offense instead of an adjudication process.

Chalcedon Survey

This requirement warrants an opinionated essay on the Council of Chalcedon, and the decisions made at it, along with the heresies condemned and reason for doing so.

Church Copyright Regulation

This essay must contain the current policies and laws concerning copyrights as used in various organizations. The student must also include in the essay, as an addendum, a completed mock application for a copyright.

Civil Courtroom Procedures

This is a practical study requiring the student to attend three civil court hearings and observe the adjudication protocol followed by attorneys and judges. The essay must cover this in detail.

Common Canon Law Study

This study involves the student selecting two canon law textbooks from two different Churches and making a comparison of them. The student should be able to explain the differences between the two in the administration of the two faith persuasions and offering comments on both.

Comparative Canons of the East & West

The essay submitted must give opinions on the Canons of the Orthodox Church, and the Canons of the Roman Catholic Church, and how they differ from one another.

Contractual Rights of Churches

The student will explain why the Church has every right to enter into contractual agreements and cite various examples of such. Some research into this matter is advisable. The essay should also contain an addendum giving at least two sample contractual agreements that might be drawn up by a parish church.

Council of Nicea

Student will offer a synopsis on this great Christian Council and their views on what took place at it.

Ethics & Judgment

This study requires research into the ethics governing the practice of law and the hearing of legal cases brought before the courts. The essay must also contain an exposition of the criteria that those involved in making judicial judgments should follow.

Early Heresies (Christian Church)

This essay must address the following Christian heresies: Arianism, Iconoclasm, Monarchianism, Monophysitism, and Monothelitism. The student may add others if desired. 

Evaluation: Hearings and Judgments

The student must review the hearings and judgments rendered for six cases that were adjudicated either in a court room, on television court, or combination of both and note the venue used. Their opinion of what was witnessed must be given for each.

Interpretation of Divine Law

This course is considered both Canon Law and Biblical. It requires research in Divine Law found in the Bible, and an interpretation that is in compliance with Canon Law. Divine Law are those laws that have come down from God to man, e.g., The Ten Commandments. This essay will focus on such and give an interpretation of each of the laws. The student is also required to add a separate chapter or section and give an interpretation of the Mosaic Law.

Legal Ethics

The student must write an opinionated essay on the legal ethics affecting the practice of law, both Civil and Church.

Philosophy of Law

The student is expected to provide an essay that explains the philosophy of law used in the United States and in the United Kingdom, and give a critical review of both.

Preparation of Briefs

The student is required to research how a legal or canonical brief is constructed, and then prepare a mock brief and submit it for review.

Taxes and the Church

This essay requires the student to explain tax-exemption of Churches and Religious Organizations, and to state reasons why this practice is right and just, and why this policy should be protected. The student must give a personal opinion of this matter either defending or rejecting the policies that govern this subject.

Wills, Trusts, and Corporations

The student must research the laws governing, and the preparation of, Wills, Trusts, and Corporations. The essay must show an understanding of these three topics, and it must demonstrate one's knowledge in preparing all three documents.

Religious Law

The student must submit an essay that explains Religious Law and gives reasons of importance for all Churches having such laws. The student will offer personal views on this subject matter. Essay required.

Separation of Church and State

This study is an anthology containing information on the historic idea of separation of Church from State in the United States, the Constitutional laws regarding this matter, and a defense for the continuation of this right. Essay and opinion required.

Catechetical Pedagogy

This study is centered on Catechesis and the education of others in this subject. The essay should explain this subject matter fully, and should also address the difference in teaching catechesis from other teaching modalities or styles.

Ethics in Teaching

This study is centered on discipline in schools, punishments, detention, and expulsion from studies. Essay required with opinion.

Teaching in Today's Classrooms

This essay must contain an understanding of the ethics governing teachers, and a clear presentation of what role the educator plays in the classroom. Essay required.

Teaching Strategies with Youth and Adults

This essay must present a thorough explanation of the various methods of instructing others in educational centers today, explaining the differences between teaching youth and adults. The essay must also address issues such as homework, class participation, oral presentations, and religious ideals.

European Herbal Remedies

Expose of herbs that are used in healing throughout Europe. The essay must give full details of every herb used and state from where the particular herb is indigenous.

Herbal Remedies in Physical and Emotional Illness

The focus of this essay centers on how herbs are used in the healing process of physical and emotional disorders, specific problems and health issues and what herbs are used for each.

Herbs for Emotional Healing

Study in the use of herbs for emotional concerns. The student must write about several emotional disorders that can be approached with the use of herbs, and explain how they can be of assistance.

Herbs of North America

Essay on the most common herbs of North America used in healing and what they are used for in holistic wellness.

Preparation of Herbal Remedies

The student must select a book that concentrates on the preparing of herbs to be used in healing, and herbal tinctures. The process for both must be fully explained in the essay.

Apostolic Christianity

The student is required to submit an essay on the early Christian Church from the time of the Holy Apostles (naming where each went to establish the Church) to the Ecumenical Councils, and the direction that the Christian Church from that point.

Catholicism: East and West

This is a comparative study between the Catholic Orthodox Church of the East, and the Catholic Roman Church of the West. The student will offer an essay on the comparison of dogmas that are revered by the two Churches. The student will show the differences between the two on the following issues: Immaculate Conception; Filioque Clause in the Creed; Purgatory; Primacy in the Church; Married Priesthood; Canonization of Saints, and Incarnation of Christ. The essay must also contain a chapter or section on the differences and innovations of the Roman Church that culminated in the Great Schism of A.D. 1054. Essay and opinion required.

Christianity in Greece and Italy

This study requires an essay that gives the history of Christianity in Greece and Italy detailing the liturgical customs of both the Orthodox and Roman Churches. Essay required.

Evolution of Papal Primacy

Papal Primacy is an innovation of Rome rejected by the Orthodox Patriarchates. The student will explain its history and its definition in essay form. The essay will also address Papal Infallibility and the student will give an opinion on this subject.

Great Schism of the East & West (AD 1054)

This is a study centered on the differences between the Catholic Churches of the East and West, and the innovations of the Roman Church that led to the Great Schism of A.D. 1054. The essay must also note whom the patriarchs were that were involved in the issuance of mutual excommunications, i.e., Patriarch of Constantinople and the Pope of Rome.

History of Biofeedback

The student must present an essay that contains the history of biofeedback and it worth in counseling and in stress reduction today.

History of Cults and Covens

The student will research cults and covens and give some history about both, and detail the ritual and beliefs of both in an essay form. Any statistics available on both should be included. The essay should also contain information on deprogramming therapies available to those who wish to exit either.

History of Possession & Exorcism

The student is required to research Demonic Possession and the Rite of Exorcism. The essay should also include the history of this subject, and the rituals used in exorcism by the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Anglican Churches, and information on two non-Christian religions that also offer exorcisms. An opinion of this subject is also required.

Holy Mysteries of the Orthodox Christian Church

This essay should include the biblical and apostolic history of the seven Holy Mysteries (Sacraments) of the Christian Church, as taught by the Orthodox Catholic Church. The student must also include in this essay their understanding of what a sacrament is, and what each of the sacraments do for a person. 

Orthodox Catholicism in Alaska

This essay must address the missionary efforts of the Orthodox Church to Alaska, and explain the history of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Alaska. This essay should also contain statistics on the Eastern Orthodox and Russian Orthodox Churches in Alaska today. Essay required.

Orthodoxy in Russia and Greece

The student is required to research the Orthodox Church in Russia and in Greece, and then give statistics on both in their respective countries and in diaspora, and explain their current relationship to each other. Essay and opinion required. 

Protestant Reformation

This essay should detail the events that caused Martin Luther to break from the Church of Rome in 1517, the 95 Theses nailed to the Wittenberg Castle Church in Saxony (Germany), and should include statistics on the number of Protestant Churches that exist today from this breach with Rome.

Roman Catholicism

This essay should explain the history and reasons for the schism that took place in the Roman Church in the 1800's to the present, e.g., Church of Utrecht, European Old Catholic and Polish National Catholic Churches, Traditionalist Catholics (Society of Pius X), and others. Essay and opinion is required.

The Ancient Orthodox Sees

The student shall submit an essay that shows a clear understanding of the history associated with each of the four Patriarchates of the Apostles and Holy Orthodox Christianity. The essay must contain this information on the Patriarchates of Jerusalem, Antioch, Constantinople, and Alexandria, and must disclose their first Bishops.

Holy Week in Orthodox Church

This is a study into the services used in the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church during Holy Week, and the student must describe each of them explaining their symbolism and meaning. Essay required.

Jewish Roots in Eastern Christian Worship

The student must submit an essay that clearly shows the Jewish roots of Eastern Orthodox Christian Liturgy and Worship. Essay required.

Liturgies of the Oriental Orthodox Churches

This study requires that the student research the liturgies used in the Oriental Orthodox Churches, i.e., Armenian Apostolic Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, Ethiopian Orthodox, Malankara (Indian) Orthodox, and Syrian Orthodox of Antioch. The main liturgies of these churches must be described along with the type of vestments required by the clergy during them. Essay and opinion required.

Orthodox Divine Liturgies

The student must research the ancient liturgies of the Eastern Orthodox Church, e.g., Liturgy of St James, Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, Liturgy of St Basil, and Presanctified Liturgy. The essay must contain history and explanations of each, and differences in rubrics or customs in liturgy among the Greek and Russian Orthodox noted.

Reformation Liturgies & Worship

The text selected must address both liturgical and worship services that are used in the various post-reformation Protestant Churches. Essay and opinion required.

Family and Marital Counseling

The student will select a textbook or textbooks on this subject and submit an essay that clearly demonstrates their understanding of this matter. Essay required.

Hospital Ministry

The student is expected to read a textbook on Hospital Ministry and then submit an essay on this that shows good understanding of this subject. In addition, the student should visit a local hospital or nursing home or assisted living center and ask for permission to visit the sick or residents as part of a training process, or accompany a chaplain in making rounds for Clinical Pastoral Experience. In each visit, if possible, after some conversation, a prayer should be offered if desired by the person.

Parish Ministry

This essay should reflect a sound understanding of what parish ministry involves and both its joys and tribulations. The student must capture within the essay an understanding of what ministries are associated with a parish, e.g., visiting the sick, instructing the faithful, preaching the Word of God, and the services that one is expected to offer to the members of a parish, including Liturgy and Sacraments.

The Parish in Urban Community

The textbook selected by the student on this subject must address the contemporary issues that face society in urban communities. Essay required.

Troubled Youth & Faith Enhancements

The student is expected to submit an essay that clearly demonstrates their understanding of various issues that affect youth today in school, at home, and on the streets. The essay must also discuss how faith can establish a sound foundation in resolving emotional problems and outside pressures placed upon youth.

Botanical Medicine

Critique essay on Botanical Medicine covering its history and its value in alternative healing and wellness.

Breathing Techniques

In many counseling sessions the counselee is under stress and may exhibit abnormal breathing habits. This study involves research into the various breathing techniques designed to calm a person who is experiencing emotional stress or other problems. Essay required.

Comparative Meridian Healing

The student must give a comparative account on meridian healing or reflexology using textbooks from two different authors and detailing the similarities and the differences.

Healing: Natural Supplementation

This is a survey that looks into the vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other natural substances that can be used in the healing of physical and emotional ills. Essay required.

Natural Supplementation

This essay must contain a description of vitamins and minerals used in the healing process and their healing properties as well as preventive qualities. It must also contain directions on the amount of each to be taken as supplements for better health, and what, if any, the toxic amounts of each are.

Stress Reduction Exercises

This essay must contain multiple exercises and therapies used for the treatment of stress and how each can be used with another for more effectiveness

Therapeutic Touch

This requirement involves the research of therapeutic touch and an essay that covers its history, its current philosophy and application of this art, and how this therapy benefits those who receive it.

Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, and Amino Acids

The student must prepare an in-depth essay naming all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids used today that offer benefits in the healing process, and that explains their healing properties in various health situations. Preventive and therapeutic purposes must be addressed. Essay and opinion required.

Early Church Fathers on Morality

This essay will focus on the subject of morality as taught by the early Church Fathers during the first four centuries after Christ. Essay required.

Eastern Church Writers

This essay must focus on the early patristic writers of the Eastern Orthodox Church during the first four centuries after Christ. Essay required.

Eleven Letters of St Ignatius of Antioch

This essay will give a commentary and opinion on the 11 Letters of St Ignatius of Antioch.

Patristics: Ss Basil Great, Gregory of Nazaianzus, John Theologian

The student is required to submit an essay that demonstrates their understanding of the the patristic writings and messages of St Basil the Great, St Gregory Nazaianzus, and St John the Theologian. Essay and opinion required.

Writings of St Augustine

The student is required to study desired writings of St Augustine by selecting a text or two on this subject, and then submit an essay detailing his writings. A critique in essay form is required.

Writings of St Benedict

This is a survey of some of the writings of St Benedict. Essay and opinion required.

Writings of St Tikhon

The student is required to research the writings of St Tikhon and offer an essay on these and on the biography of this saint of the Orthodox Christian Church.

Christian Metaphysics

This is a survey focusing on the Eastern Orthodox Church's teachings on (Christian) Metaphysics. Essay and opinion required.

Christian Philosophy

The student will survey various Christian inspired philosophies and then prepare an essay on what was studied giving an opinion on each.

Comparative Philosophy

The student is expected to secure at least two books dealing with philosophy expressing two thoughts on the same subject matter, and then making a comparison of both stating their personal feeling about both.

Contemporary Philosophy

The essay must contain a biography of at least four contemporary philosophers and detailed information on each of their philosophies.

Counseling Ethics

Student will research the ethical standards of counseling and submit an essay on this subject.

Cults and Occults in America

This study involves the research of both cults and the occult in the United States. The student will give history, beliefs, abnormal rituals or rites, programming methods, and statistics on at least four cults and four occult groups. The essay should contain an opinion.

Demonic Possession in Americas

This is a study of reported demonic possessions in North, Central, and South America, and the philosophy in each country about this issue, and the religious exorcism used. Essay required.

Eastern Christian Spirituality

The student will submit an essay detailing the philosophy and spirituality of the Church Fathers and Orthodox philosophers from Apostolic to Contemporary times. Eastern Christian spirituality must be explained in this essay along with an opinion.

Ethics in Touch Healing

The student will select a textbook that addresses the ethical issues of touching the body of another person during any type of physical therapy. Essay required.

Ethics of Counseling

Survey of the ethics and morals involved in the counseling of others. Essay required.

Great Philosophers

This essay must contain biographies on at least seven great philosophers throughout history, and a description of their beliefs and teachings.

Greek and Roman Philosophers

This is a survey focusing on the great philosophers of Greece and Rome. The student will provide information on various philosophers and explain their philosophies. Essay and opinion required.


The student must research this subject and then offer an essay that demonstrates a good understanding of this topic. Essay and opinion required.

Plato and Socrates

The student is required to submit a comparative analysis on Plato and Socrates, giving a history of both men and their philosophies, and adding a closing section that describes their differences and similarities. Essay required.

Professional Ethics

This requirement obligates the student to prepare an essay that involves the ethics established for their particular vocation and course of study. The student must explain what they feel will be required of them in relation to those they will serve should they enter the practice of their chosen study.

Theocentric Healing

The essay submitted on this subject matter must show a clear understanding of what theocentrism and theocentric healing is, and how all Christian healing, to be effective, must be theocentric in nature and application.

Writings of Tertullian & Origen

The student is required to research the some of the writings of Tertullian and Origen and submit an exposition on them in essay form also giving an opinion.

Abnormal Behavior

The text selected in this study must address the history of abnormal behavior, and the various abnormalities that affect human beings and their relationships with one another. The student must offer examples of current treatments and counseling techniques offered in this discipline. Essay required.

Abnormal Psychology

The text selected in this study must address the history of abnormal psychology, the various conditions that affect human beings, and the current treatments and counseling techniques offered in this discipline. Essay required. 

Alcohol Abuse

This requirement calls for a survey of alcohol abuse in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Statistics and concerns must be addressed as expressed in all the countries involved. The essay must also address the legal penalties enforced in these countries.

Anxiety & Stress (Youth)

Some counselors feel that the concerns facing youth today have not changed much over the years, but that discipline and good ethics today have. The student must describe the concerns that youth are facing today and the stress and anxiety that is caused by them, and give an opinion on discipline, ethics, and healthy lifestyles that may help in making them better adults. Essay required. 

Behavioral Psychology

The psychology of behavior, e.g., abnormal, addictive, criminal, deviant, and sexually abusive are investigated and the student submits an essay covering each of these, and at least two other selections, telling about their affects on others, and treatments currently used, and giving their views on each in essay form.

Contemporary Moral Issues

An examination of the moral issues facing society today and how psychology and psychotherapy is working to answer and resolve disputes in such concerns. Essay required.

Dysfunctional Families

This study involves a look into the negative attitudes and abnormal behavior patterns that constitute dysfunction families. The student should present ideas on how to address such issues from a theocentric approach. Essay required.

Family Counseling and Mediation

The essay in this requirement must address the counseling of families in various crises, and mediation techniques in trying to restore harmony within the family.

Family Morals & Dysfunction

This essay must be an expose on good family morals, and an analysis of the causes of dysfunctional behavior in families. The student must address issues such as Adultery, Molestation of Children, Romantic Experiences between Parents and Children or Between Siblings, and other situations that go against good family morals.

Freudian Psychology

The essay in this requirement must concentrate on the life of Sigmund Freud and his philosophy of psychology.

Jealousy & Adultery

The student must present an essay that explains both jealousy and adultery, and then offers an opinion as how jealousy can lead to adultery in a dysfunctional marriage. A presentation of what the student feels could be offered as a therapy or advice to resolve such situations is required.

Jung, Freud, & Adler Comparative

This essay will demonstrate the student's understanding of these three great psychologist and their lives and philosophies, and will note the major differences and similarities of each in an essay summary.

Marriage Counseling

This study should cover pre-nuptial counseling and pre-marital negotiations and concerns experienced by many couples who are preparing for marriage. Essay required.

Negotiating Differences

The student is expected to submit an essay that shows their clear understanding of mediation, negotiating, or the arbitration of differences within family life, among peers, among siblings, among parents, and other couples.

Post-Trauma Healing

The student must demonstrate in essay form their understanding of the following post-traumatic situations: Death of Family Member or Close Friend, Personal Health Issues, Loss of Faith in God. The essay must address these issues fully giving symptoms to look for, advice to be given, and other supportive therapies that should be considered.

Psychology: Addictions

Student should select a book that covers the following addictions: Alcoholism, Food, Illegal Drugs, Gambling, and Sexual Deviancy. The essay should contain a detailed chapter on Addiction, each of the Chapters noted, and other selections they wish to include.

Psychology: Freud, Adler, and Jung

This is a critique on the philosophies of three popular psychologists, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), Alfred Adler (1870-1937), and Carl Jung (1875-1961), and an expose of their similarities and differences in thought and practice.

Psychology of Freud and Jung

This is a comparative study on the writings of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. The essay must give a clear expose of the main differences that exist between the two men and their philosophies in the practice of psychology and psychoanalysis.

Psychology & Spirituality

This essay must concentrate on the relationship between psychology and spirituality in Christian counseling. Essay required.

Single Parent Adjustment & Conflicts

The student is required to research single parenting and the conflicts associated with it and then prepare an essay on this, and give their opinion on what advice should be given on at least three issues involved with this subject. An example of this would be what the student would advise a parent whose child is rebellious because of divorced parents. 

Single Parenting

This study should focus on single parents raising a family. The essay should cover the problems associated with single parenting and the solutions for each. The parent and the child or children of such families should also be addressed in the essay.

Spousal Abuse

The student must prepare an essay that is centered on spousal abuse, through anger, sexual misconduct or abuse, deviant actions, physical abuse, or other methods of physical or emotional harm.

Suicide Intervention and Counseling

This study requires a double focus. (1) The student will focus on the intervention and ethics involved in talking a potential suicide victim out of their desire to end their life. (2) The student will also focus on counseling techniques used with persons who are considering and end to their life. The essay must demonstrate a clear and total understanding of the subject matter, the intervention techniques, and the counsel that should be given to a suicidal client. Essay required.

Survey of Behavioral Counseling

Student must present a detailed understanding of what Behavioral Counseling is along with an opinion of its worth in the disciplines of Counseling and Psychology.

American Cults

This essay must focus on the growing number of cults in the United States and the manner in which they attract followers into blind obedience to their philosophies. The student must elaborate on their beliefs and rituals, e.g., the Mormons who clothe themselves in the robe of Christianity while offering a whole new "faith" that goes against the norms of Christianity. Essay required.

Christianity and Great Schism of A.D. 1054

The student shall offer a critique of the events that led to the separation of the Western Church (Rome) from the Eastern Churches (Orthodox) in A.D. 1054. The essay must also contain an understanding of the book used.

Christianity & Judaism Comparative

This is to be a comparative essay between Christian and the Judaic Faiths. The student should note similarities between the two in ritual and their differences. The same shall be done concerning religious issues, e.g., belief in God, Commandments, and Holy Day observances.

Counseling in Spirituality

The essay on this subject must prove understanding of spiritual counseling, and the student's ability to practice spiritual counseling by their personal thoughts on this matter. Essay required.

Mariology in the Orthodox Church

The student must select a book that contains Orthodox Christian thoughts on the Virgin Mary, Theotokos, and explain her importance in the Church and in the world of today. Essay and opinion required.

Orthodox Christian Spirituality

This essay requires a detailed description of Eastern Orthodox Christian Spirituality. Essay and opinion required.


This essay must address the definition and philosophy of spirituality. It must be a comparative essay, i.e., the student must capture the thoughts of several religious persuasions on this matter. The religious persuasions are: Buddhist, Eastern Orthodox Christian, Jewish, Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Zen. Each must be explained in the essay.

Spirituality & Healing

This is a survey essay, comparative in nature, on the subject of spirituality as practiced in the Christian East with some emphasis on the Coptic Church, Greek Church, Russian Church, and the Christians of India, Lebanon, Syria, and the Ukraine.

Spirituality of Ss Benedict and Basil

The student will prepare an essay that explains the spiritual philosophies and practices of St Benedict and St Basil, and that explains their views on the monastic estate. Essay required. 

Survey of Protestantism

This study centers around the doctrines and worship of the Protestant Church, especially the Baptist Church, Lutheran Church, Presbyterian Church, Protestant Episcopal Church, and the Unitarian Church. Others may be added to the essay.

Three Creeds of Christianity

The essay in this study must present the three Creeds of Christianity, i.e., Apostles, Nicene, and Athanasian, and explain their major differences. The essay should also contain a history of each. 

World Religions

A survey of the most notable religions of the world, i.e., Buddhism, Christianity, Hindu, Islam, Jewish, Muslim, and two others selected by the student, giving a comparison of each against the others. Essay required.

Abnormal and Deviant Behavior in Society

This study requires the student to investigate the various social ills today that cause fear and/or suspicion among the more well adjusted members of society, e.g., hate crimes, rape, child molestation, drugs, alcoholism, and terrorism. Essay required.

Abnormal Social Behavior

This study requires the student to select a book on Abnormal Social Behavior and prepare an essay on this topic showing a clear understanding of the negative issues that affect society as a whole, and what is being done today to help reduce minimize them. The essay should also address racism and bigotry.

Anthropology Study

The student may select an anthropological study of choice but it must be on a country other than the United States. Essay and opinion required.

Contemporary Social Issues

The student is to research the following: Gangs, Homeless Population, Prostitution, Elderly, Runaway Youth, and Unwed Mothers. The essay shall contain statistics on each category; what the government is doing to assist in the handling of each situation; what churches are doing to offer guidance to those involved in each; and your personal views on each and what should be done.

Critique of the Legal System

The student is required to research the American legal system, i.e., both law enforcement and judicial, and submit an expose on both that also addresses the abuse, inappropriate conduct, and wrongs of both. The essay must give an opinion of both, and state how improvements could be made to make them more beneficial to society. Essay required. 

Domestic Violence

The student will prepare an essay the addresses the causes of domestic violence, the types of domestic violence, what constitutes domestic violence by law, the repercussions of domestic violence, avenues open to victims of domestic violence, and an example of a theocentric approach to counseling in such situations. Essay required addressing each issue listed by section or chapter.

Ethnicity and Minorities

This study involves research into the social problems and discriminatory attitudes that face people of minority and those who are handicapped, and those of ethnic backgrounds, and what effects ill treatment of them has on their emotional wellbeing and participation in society. Essay required. 

Gangs and Youth Subcultures

The student shall research gangs and subcultures that exist in the United States and Canada and present an expose on these, and how youth are being attracted to them and the negative effects that these have on them. Essay and opinion required.

Homeless Environment and Poverty

The student will concentrate on both issues and will write an essay that explains the perils of the homeless and the poor, and offers a critique on what the government is doing to help the less fortunate of society.

 Marriage in Religion Comparative

The student must select a book that discusses marriage in a faith persuasion and what is required of the couple prior to and after the weeding. A comparative analysis must be included showing the differences between Christian and Jewish expectations. Essay required.

Minority Research

This essay must focus on minority groups and social issues familiar to them, and the avenues of resolve that exist to assist them. Often times a social worker or social ministry counselor will encounter people with very specific concerns, e.g., discrimination, hatred, and loneliness. The essay must address such issues. It should also address social concerns familiar to blacks, people of ethnicity, gays, uneducated, and the mentally and physically challenged.

Psychology of Criminal Actions

This study involves research and a detailed opinion as to what causes criminal behavior and crimes against other persons. The student must also give an opinion on how society should deal with these issues and how it might work to control and fight against them. Essay required.

Prison Ministry

This course is twofold: (1) The student will select a book that addresses the social concerns both within and outside (as affects the free community) of prisons today, and what religious programs are available to those incarcerated. (2) The student will pay a visit to a local prison or detention or incarceration facility to get an idea of what rehabilitation programs are available to prisoners, and what their daily routine is like. Essay required incorporating both requirements.

Racism, Bigotry, and Hate Crimes

This study focuses on crimes against others because of racism, bigotry, and hate. It also must address the reasons why such offenses take place and the motivations behind them. The student will give an opinion of what should be done to alleviate or control such negative actions. Essay required.

Religion in Society

The student is required to explain how religion and the church benefits society and helps to maintain good ethics and morals in society. The essay on this subject should also contain facts on societies outside the United States that have replaced religion with other philosophies or political supremacy coupled with atheistic creeds. Essay required.

Social Behavior

The student is required to submit an essay that describes acceptable and unacceptable social behavior in the United States, and two other countries of choice, citing laws and penalties in each that are applied to those who exhibit inappropriate or criminal social behavior. The essay should also contain an opinion as to how theocentric intervention can be used in counseling the perpetrators and the victims in general.

Social Injustice in America

This study concentrates on the injustices that have occurred or are occurring within our country against certain populations or against the rights of citizens in general. The student must give an expose of these issues and an opinion of the circumstance and how they can be remedied. Essay required.

Urban Social Concerns

This is a research study into the social concerns and problems of urban areas that affect the various populations living within them. Essay required.

Youth Delinquency Issues

The textbook used in this essay must focus on the issue of juvenile delinquency and the causes and penalties existing for such, and the rehabilitation possibilities associated with each offense listed.  The essay should contain personal thoughts on this issue and give suggestions on how youth can be guided away from a life of crime.

Apologetics (General)

The student must select a textbook on Christian Apologetics in the Protestant tradition, and then after reading it submit an essay demonstrating comprehension of it and offering an opinion.

Apologetics (Orthodox)

The student must select a textbook on Christian Apologetics in the Eastern Orthodox tradition, and then after reading it submit an essay demonstrating comprehension of it.

Church Fathers on Moral Theology

This study requires the student to select a text on moral theology that gives the opinions of various Orthodox Christian fathers of the Church, e.g., St Gregory, St Basil, and others. Essay and opinion required.

Clinical Theology

The student will select an introduction to Clinical Theology and offer an essay on this discipline and an explanation as to how it assists in the healing process.

Contemporary Moral Issues

The textbook selected for this requirement must address contemporary moral issues such as abortion, cloning, euthanasia, genetic engineering, and in vitro fertilization. The student must give an opinion of each subject and their personal thoughts.

Dogmatic Theology Survey

The student must research the philosophies and thoughts of the Orthodox Catholic, Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Methodist views on Dogmatic Theology. The essay must contain the major differences between the four, and must identify the dogmas that are supported in Holy Scripture.

God in Society

This essay must address the issue of how belief in God can play a vital role in maintaining harmony, good morals, and sound ethics in any society. A comparison should be offered between a God-fearing society and a Godless one. The subject of "Communism" should also be addressed.

God, Prayer, and Faith in Healing

The essay must clearly prove the value of God, Prayer, and Faith in the theocentric healing process. 

Moral Theology

The textbook selected must be Christian in nature, and should cover contemporary moral issues that face churches and their faithful today. The essay should contain an understanding of the book and a critique of it.

Moral Theology of the Eastern Church

The textbook selected must be Orthodox Christian in nature, and should cover the contemporary issues facing society affecting the morals of it. The essay should also contain the thoughts of the student on this matter.

Mystery of the Trinity

Student must explain the Holy Trinity, i.e., three Persons in One God. The essay should contain biblical facts supporting the existence of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The essay should be structured as a defense of this Mystery of Faith.

Pastoral Theology

This study in pastoral theology may be in any Christian faith persuasion, and the essay submitted must also contain an opinion of the contents of the book.

Prayer Therapy in Healing

The student will demonstrate a good understanding of the use of prayer in the healing process, and give statistics and some accounts of prayer assisting in the healing of illness.  The student must also give a brief account of the life of St Panteleimon the Healer in the essay.

Specialization Studies

The student must select five textbooks related to the chosen specialty, i.e., Apologetics, Biblical Theology, Dogmatic Theology, Moral Theology, Pastoral Theology, or Systematic Theology, of which two must be in the Orthodox Christian tradition, and submit an essay on each book. The essay must demonstrate understanding of the subject, and it must give the views of the student on the issues contained within them.

Spiritual & Corporal Works of Mercy

The student is required to look up the spiritual and corporal works of mercy in the Bible, and then listing them all in an essay, explain what is required of us for each one, and how this might be accomplished through our vocation in life and by others.

Theology of Healing

The student must prepare an essay that addresses the theological and biblical teachings on healing as found within Christian and Jewish traditions.

Theology of the Reformation

The student is required to write an essay that explains the reasons for the reformation that led to the formation of the Protestant Church, and gives a full disclosure of Reformation Theology and how it differs from the theology of the Ancient Christian Church.