Basic Skills for Christian Counselors

This is a how-to-do book with numerous case histories and examples whose aim is to teach the student how to be effective counselors in a pastoral ministry or ecclesial vocation. Essay required.

Dictionary of Pastoral Care

This book covers the terminology used in pastoral care, therapies available, specific concerns, and gives an understanding of this discipline. Student will select topics from the contents and prepare an essay covering them. The amount of topics must be at least ten.

Hospital Ministry

This study addresses the role of a chaplain today, and the various issues that one will encounter while making hospital visitations. This book is also a good introduction to pastoral care for clergy, providers, and other medical personnel. Essay required.

Marriage and Virginity

This book contains insight to the following: Excellence of Marriage, Holy Virginity, Excellence of Widowhood, Adulterous Marriages, and Continence. It offers a great deal of advice to those engaged in counseling both in and out of the ministry. Essay and opinion required.

Pastoral Theology: Essentials of the Ministry

This study integrates principles of pastoral care, leadership, and theology to restore to priests and ministers a clearly defined pastoral identity. Essay required.

Preserve Them, O Lord

This is a study in the Mystery of Holy Matrimony in the Orthodox Christian Church. Essay required.