Acupoint & Trigger Point for Babies and Children

This book is designed to train the provider in the practical application of this therapy, and to teach it to parents so that they can apply the techniques to their children. Essay required.

Acupressure Atlas

This is a fully illustrated and comprehensive reference guide to acupressure that provides treatment information and gives instructions. Essay and required.

Acupressure for Emotional Healing

A study into the use of acupressure to assist in emotional healing that requires an opinionated essay on this subject, and an explanation of the contents of the book.

Acupressure Potent Points

This study teaches how acupressure can be used for common ailments. It shows how the hands have the potential to relieve everyday aches and pains, and ailments, without the use of drugs to improve one's health. It discusses its history and practical application. The essay must also contain practicum testimonials from three persons on whom the student has practiced this art, and their appraisal of the student's ability to perform the art.

Acupressure Techniques

This book, although written for those who wish to engage in self-help therapy, is an excellent teaching tool for the provider or practitioner. Essay required.

Advanced Aromatherapy

This is a scientific proof for the effectiveness of using essential oils in the healing process. This is an essential textbook for those involved in the study or practice of aromatherapy. Essay required.

Advanced Bach Flower Remedies

This book contains a scientific approach to diagnosis and treatment of ailments using Bach Flower Therapy. Essay required.

Aromatherapy Workbook

This is a practical guide to the history, folklore, science, and art of aromatherapy and essential oils. Essay required with opinion.

Aromatherapy: Scent and Psyche

This book provides the latest information on the physiology and psychology of scent citing statistics on the various research and clinical studies performed, and a profile of 44 essential oils. Essay and opinion required.

Art of Aromatherapy

The healing property of Essential Oils of flowers and herbs is discussed in this book, and includes a therapeutic index. Essay required on contents.

Ayurveda: Life of Balance

This study is a guide to Ayurvedic Nutrition and Body Types. It explains how balanced living can help anyone achieve the highest levels of physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Essay and opinion required.

Bio-pH Balancing & Biblical Medicine

This course is on CD and examines the biblical laws of eating and food combining, acidity and alkalinity, and how to maintain a proper pH balance in the human body. Essay required on the course contents.

Breathing (Techniques)

This is a survey of how controlled breathing can enhance our wellness in many ways. Essay required.

Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy

This study covers a therapeutic profile for each remedy, diagnostic guidelines, interview questions, progress evaluations, and body maps to guide both the student and provider to the proper remedies for many emotional and physical ailments. Essay and opinion required. The student is also required to send a sample of a "progress evaluation form" that they might use in practice.

Energy Medicine

This study focuses on the healing energies of a healer's hands and how prayer becomes a force that can speed up the healing process. Essay and opinion required.

Essential Oils Desk Reference

This book contains a guide to essential oils used in healing today along with their uses. The student will select twelve of the oils and offer a full disclosure of them and their ingredients and healing properties in an essay form.

Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide

This book contains information on essential oil blends that includes recipes to create 25 health supporting blends, and detailed instructions for the application of each oil or blend. It also contains many biochemical and distillation charts. Essay required, and student must send three bottles containing oil blends that they made, and identifying the ingredients and purpose of them.

Facial Reflexology

This book describes the mechanics of facial reflexology and provides healing routines both for treating acute ailments and for maintaining overall good health. Essay and practicum testimonials and appraisal of therapy by three persons required.

Foot Reflexology: Stories the Feet Can Tell

This book and its contents has received worldwide acceptance on the subject of reflexology as a successful form of health maintenance. An excellent expose of the philosophy and art of reflexology. Essay required.

Hand and Foot Reflexology

This course consists of two textbooks that cover the reflex points on the hands and feet, and how to locate these points during therapy sessions. An essay on the contents of both books is required, along with a practicum that requires the student to practice both forms (hands/feet) on three individuals known to them, and the testimonials of the subjects on what was done to them and their feeling after the therapy.


This is a practical guide to channeling healing energies from the provider to the client. It teaches the student to understand the body's energies and how to practice the healing exercises. Also discussed in this book are healing touch, chakras, visualization, and meditation. Essay and opinion required.

Healing Oils – Healing Hands

This book details the history of healing in the early Christian Church with prayer, hands-on-healing, and anointing. This study will also offer the student some insight into Vibrational Remedies that affect our health and emotions. Essay and opinion required.


This book explains hydrosis, i.e., the aromatic hydrosis which is gentle, water-based plant extracts that expand the healing, cosmetic, and culinary applications of aromatherapy. The details and specifics of 67 hydrosols are listed. Essay and opinion required.

Joy of Reflexology

This book discusses reflexology and uses charts in explaining the various meridians and points that correspond to internal organs of the body. It also discusses methods to reduce stiffness, digestive problems, healing sessions for both hands and feet, and effective ways to overcome stress. The essay must exhibit a clear understanding of this healing discipline.

Miracle Touch

This book discusses the benefits of touch therapy, and covers such topics as speeding post-surgery recovery, impact of human touch on others, and the reduction of stress through therapeutic touch. Essay and opinion required.

Natural Health after Birth: Postpartum

This is a complete guide to postpartum wellness that addresses a mother's need to replenish her body, mind, and sprit so that she can nurture her child. Essay required that includes a theocentric approach using the material studied by the student.

Practice of Aromatherapy

This is a classical compendium of plant medicines and their healing properties. Essay required.

Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing

A practical, alphabetical guide to drug-free remedies for most common problems, using vitamins, minerals, herbs and food supplements. This book is based on prayer and naturally available substances. Essay and opinion required.

Reflex Zone Therapy

This study examines and explains the relationship between the reflex points on the feet and the internal organs, and shows how reflexology (meridian healing) can be used in the diagnosis (identification) and treatment of illness (internal imbalance). Essay required.

Reflexology Atlas

This is an easy to use and illustrated guide to the healing zones of the hands and feet. It is ideal for students and practitioners. Essay required.

Reflexology Manual

This study offers a clear step-by-step set of instructions and sequential photographs designed to guide a practitioner through complete reflexology treatments. This book is a very good introduction to this art. Essay required.

Releasing Depression Naturally

A study of proven all-natural supplements now used in the healing of emotional concerns and in establishing emotional well-being through vitamin and mineral supplementation and essential fatty acids. Essay required.

Releasing Emotional Problems with Essential Oils

This is a study involving the use of essential oils in the healing process of a variety of emotional problems, and their value in therapy. Essay required.

Reversing Heart Disease

This book examines the effects of natural therapy on reversing heart disease without dangerous drugs. Essay and opinion required.

Spiritual Dimension of Therapeutic Touch

The spiritual dimension of therapeutic touch teaches how to rebalance the body's energy through touch and visualization. Essay required demonstrating comprehension of the practical application of this art.

The Oxygen Prescription



This is a study in oxidative therapies, and the only one to place it in the context of holistic health. It contains treatments that stimulate the body's own ability to produce ozone to fight cancer, osteoporosis, hepatitis, heart disease, and others illnesses.



The Traditional Healer's Handbook



This is a classic guide to the medicine of Avicenna. It synthesizes the principles and practices of Hippocratic, Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Persian medicine, and includes the first English translation of Avicenna. Essay and critique required.



Therapeutic Touch Inner Workbook



This book covers the philosophy and transpersonal nature of the art of therapeutic touch. Essay required.






Developed by two medical doctors this six-week program integrates mindfulness practice, wellness-promoting foods, and gentle exercise to create the ultimate health makeover. A critical analysis of this program must be submitted in essay form.



Trigger Point Therapy for Pain



The student's essay should fully explain how this art can assist with the control of pain in the body, and offer an opinion of the therapy.



Water Prescription



This book examines why water is so important to good health and life. It discusses the amount of water that should be drank on a daily basis, the kind of water to drink for specific conditions, and the role of water in preventing and treating many diseases. Essay and opinion required.