Adult Children of Divorce

This book deals with adult children of divorce parents and how to identify their inherited distrust of relationships. Essay required.

Anxiety & Phobia Workbook

This study presents engaging exercises and worksheet that assist in the overcoming of various issues associated with anxiety, phobias, and public disorders. An essay is required.

Choosing to Live

This is a self-help guide addressed directly to people considering suicide, and offers a step-by-step program showing how to replace negative beliefs, feel better through coping, and develop alternative problem-solving skills. Essay and opinion required.

Clinical Pastoral Counseling I

In-depth study on the use of pastoral counseling in a clinical situation dealing with supervision, family systems, ethics, research findings, spiritual direction, and more. Essay required.

Clinical Pastoral Counseling II

This textbook is an advanced study addressing challenges and opportunities in pastoral counseling, special populations, abuse, addiction, and more. Essay required.

Cognitive Therapy for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Two psychologists offer students and therapists the first purely cognitive treatment method for OCD which has been proven effective for people with pure and with other obsessions. Essay required with opinion on the contents of book.

Couple Skills and Relationship

This is a study that concerns itself with the problems and solutions affecting relationships between two persons. Essay required.

Creating Optimism

This book deals with a revolutionary seven-step program for overcoming depression and anxiety using mind-body techniques. Topics covered are Dysfunctional Thinking, Healthy Relationships, and Healthy Families. Essay required.

Depressed & Anxious

This dialectical behavior therapy workbook focuses on overcoming depression and anxiety. The book suggests that many depression sufferers also experience some kind of anxiety disorder. Essay and opinion required.

Depression Workbook

This book teaches strategies for living with extreme mood swings. It offers directed exercises, skills for coping, and teaches how to track and control moods, build support systems, and use relaxation and diet to stabilize moods. Essay and opinion required.

Family Recovery

The Family Recovery Guide offers the student information on guidance counseling to family members on how to sustain their relationships with addicts without undermining their journey from simple abstinence to lasting changes. Essay required.

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

Focus on the use of "scripting" or mental affirmations to reach into one's identity and discover and resolve negative emotional energy that might be restricting one's health and wellness. An opinionated essay is required.

Guide to Orthodox Psychotherapy

This book covers the science, theology, and spiritual practice behind Orthodox-oriented psychotherapy, and its clinical application. Essay required.

Life Beyond Trauma

The focus of this study is post-trauma healing. Essay required.

Listening to Depression

This study explains how understanding pain can heal one's life. It helps in understanding how one can see their depression as an opportunity for growth and introspection: the start of a reorientation in life, a step in the search for meaning and change. Essay and opinion required.

Modern Psychotherapies

This is a comprehensive Christian appraisal of the practice of psychotherapy. It is a survey of the thirteen most significant psychotherapies being used today. It discusses the relationship between faith and psychology. An essay covering the contents of the book, and the student's opinion of it, are required.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

"Overcoming Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder" is the textbook selected for this study that is a 14-session treatment that includes various techniques. Among the techniques are  imagined exposure, in vivo exposure, response prevention, and avoidance reduction. An essay and opinion is required.

Orthodox Psychotherapy

Orthodox Psychotherapy: The Science of the Fathers is an excellent book dealing with the discipline of psychotherapy in the Orthodox Christian tradition. Among the topics covered are Psyche, Nous and Soul, Nous and Heart, Orthodox Pathology, Hesychia, and Orthodox Epistemology. Student must critique this book and offer their clear understanding of its contents, and a personal opinion of the subject matter. 

Pastoral Psychology (and Inner Conflict)

This book addresses such issues as Origins of Psychic Conflict, Psychic Conflict in its Neurotic Picture, and Pastoral Problem as the Process of Psychic Conflict. Essay and opinion required.

Prozac: Panacea or Pandora

Explores the abuses of this drug and the alternatives. Essay required.

Psychiatry, Ministry, & Pastoral Counseling

This source book on pastoral counseling tackles various major counseling situations that a pastoral counselor or minister or priest would face in their attempt to help others in crisis. Essay and opinion required.

Responsible Drinking

This is a moderation management approach for problem drinkers. The authors, psychologists, agree that problem use of alcohol is a behavioral decision tat can be effectively treated by moderation and personal control of the substance rather than lifetime abstinence. Students will learn how to teach informed choices about moderation and abstinence. Essay and opinion required.

Romantic Intelligence

This book discusses satisfying relationships and how they rely on romantic intelligence – a set of attitudes that work together to build strong and loving partnerships. Essay required.

Self-Inflicted Violence

This book takes victims of SIV through a step-by-step program designed to help them overcome self-harming behavior. Essay and personal opinion required.

Transformational Divorce

This study focuses on the trauma of divorce and the transition from married life back to the single life, and the adjustments that must be made by those affected. Essay required containing personal thoughts on divorce trauma.

Trust after Trauma

This book explores the ways and means that exist to regain trust that has been lost or damaged due to trauma caused from abuse. Trauma survivors are part of the focus. Essay required.