Byzantine Legacy

A study on the Byzantine Empire and its impact on the Christian East, discussing Byzantine political ideology; the encounter with Islam and the Latin West; Byzantine theology, spirituality, and ecclesiology. An essay proving comprehension of the book and personal thoughts on the contents is required.

Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs

The student shall use this textbook to explain the early beliefs that existed in the Christian Church both during and immediately after the lives of the apostles. Essay required.

Earliest Christian Prayers

This book covers the early Christian prayers that commenced in the New Testament. It addresses prayers from the New Testament, Second-Century, Apocrypha, Greek Sources, Syriac and Coptic Sources, Latin Liturgies, and more. Essay and opinion are required.

Early Church Fathers: From Philokalia

This anthology is a book for slow reading and deep attention. The contents are designed to deepen and strengthen awareness and understanding of the practice of prayer of the Heart. Essay and opinion required.

Essay on Iconography

The student may select the textbook or request one from SMSC. The essay must contain a history of iconography, the philosophy that governs it, the symbolism of iconography, and show ten examples of religious or sacred iconography in the essay submitted.

Good News About Injustice

This is an international study on mind-blowing horrors of child prostitution, state-sponsored religious persecution, racial violence, torture and genocide. It takes a look at the Christian role of assisting the victims in these atrocities, and the role of God. Essay required.

 In Peace Let Us Pray to the Lord

This is an Orthodox Interpretation of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Essay required.

Life after Death & Salvation

This course requires the reading of this small book on the subject matter required. The essay will explain what has been read, and a separate chapter is required on the subject of "salvation" as taught by the Orthodox or Roman Catholic Church.

Longing for God: Reflections on Bible, Ethics, and Liturgy

This book examines the ethical and moral dilemmas facing believers who live in the flesh but not for the flesh. The book covers many topics including Jesus' Birth, Problem of Life-Support, and Prayer in Spirit. An essay and opinion is required.

Marriage as Path to Holiness

This study concerns itself with the good spirituality of the married couple and how this estate can be a path to holiness. Essay required. 

Miracles in the Last Days

Accounts of Miracles of the Mother of God and of Saints. This book is about the Last days and the miracles associated with the call by the Virgin Mary and the Saints to repentance and a return to living out of Christ's Gospel. Essay and opinion required.

Meaning of Icons

This is an introduction and explanation on the writing of icons. Note: Orthodox never say the "painting" of icons because they are written art that tell stories. This book also contains many examples of popular icons found in churches today. Essay required.

Orthodox Christian Beliefs

This book contains questions from real people, and answers to them, on the beliefs of the Orthodox Christian Church. It covers topics such as A Trinity of Divine Persons in One God; Creation; Saints; Heaven and Hell; End Times and Christ's Second Coming; and Theology and Life. Essay and opinion required. This textbook can also be used as an alternate study in Ministry and Religious Studies.

Orthodox Church A-Z

Orthodox terminology and explanations used in ecclesial and pastoral situations that requires the student's interpretation and thoughts on ten terms found within the book.

Orthodox Church: 455 Questions and Answers

A concise and comprehensive study on the Orthodox faith put into a question and answer format. Student will select twenty topics and then expound on them in an essay.

Spirituality of Christian East

An overview and detailed study of the rich and varied traditions, spiritualities, and theological emphases of Eastern Christendom. Essay and opinion required.

Syriac Church Fathers on Prayer and Spirituality

These Syriac fathers offer the modern heirs of both Latin and Grek Christendom new, yet ancient and enduring, insights on prayer and the spiritual life. Essay and opinion required

The Eastern Orthodox Church: Thought & Life

This is an in-depth study on the Eastern Orthodox Church. Essay required.

The Holy Apostles

This book illustrates the lives, works, journeys, and deaths of the first bishops in the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church – the Holy Apostles. Essay required.

The Orthodox Church Meyendorff

This book addresses the past and the role of the Orthodox Church in the world today. It covers great events and the principle stages in its history of nearly two thousand years. Essay required.

The Orthodox Church Kallistos

This is an in-depth study on the history and beliefs of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Essay required.

The Truth – The Way

This is a two-textbook course. One covers what every Roman Catholic should know about the Orthodox Catholic Church, and the other what every Protestant should know about the faith. This book answers many questions for the convert or those taking instructions. Essay and opinion required.

These Truths We Hold

This book covers the many topics in the Orthodox Catholic Church, e.g., The Twelve Major Holy Days, Feasts of the Church, Liturgy and Worship, Traditions, History of the Church, and Monastic Life. Essay required proving comprehension of the book.