Family Emotional Wellness

This book offers the student strategies for dealing and coping with stress, depression, unexpected crises, and also gives good advice on how to assist families change harmful habits and develop health lifestyles. An essay is required.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Sociopaths

This text presents a full course of treatment of sociopath disorders, with special attention to safety issues and other concerns for different populations in a range of treatment settings. Essay required.

Healing the Trauma of Domestic Violence

Women who are severely assaulted by their partners are the group of trauma victims most likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This study delves into specific problems associated with that disorder and offers practical, supportive strategies for healing. Essay and critique of textbook required.

Incarceration of the Innocent Research Essay

This essay is a result of independent research by the student into the unwarranted and/or unjust incarceration of innocent people accused of committing crimes, and what compensation is given to those who are found innocent and then released from a penal institution. Statistics on the number of substantiated cases in the United States should be included.

Kids Today, Parents Tomorrow

A complete research-based and tested student reader and accompanying teacher's (counselor's) guide designed to instruct teens and other children how to be good parents in time, and how to establish good relationship skills. Essay required, and student must give own thoughts on this matter as a final chapter or section to the essay.

Sex Addiction Workbook

Sexual addiction is much like addictions to alcohol or drugs, and it can cause physical, emotional, and spiritual distress when not addressed, and can also lead to more serious criminal problems, i.e., rape, and molestation of children. Essay required.