Byzantine Theology

This book is a synthesis of Byzantine Christian thought on the subject of theology that also discusses its history. Essay required.

Clinical Theology

This is a theological and psychological basis to Clinical Pastoral Care. The book covers various subject such as Listening, Understanding the Depressed Person, Practical Considerations, Schizoid Personalities, and Anxiety. Essay and opinion required.

Dogmatic Theology

This book provides an excellent rendition of Orthodox Dogmatic Theology, and addresses many dogmatic issues of the Orthodox faith. Essay required.

Image and Likeness of God

Theological study explaining how we are created in the image and likeness of God. The student must explain the meaning of "image and likeness" of God, and how we share this image. Also discusses man's destiny. Essay required

Introduction to Dogmatic Theology

A Synopsis of the Dogmatic Theology of the Orthodox Catholic Church was selected as an excellent and abbreviated introduction to Dogmatic Theology. The student must submit an essay that gives a clear understanding of what Dogmatic Theology is and why it is so important to theology as a whole.

Introduction to Eastern Orthodox Bioethics

This is a fifty-one-page book that treats this very important issue in an Orthodox understanding. Discussed in this book are Euthanasia, Death, Abortion, Genetic Engineering, and many others. Essay required.

Introduction to Liturgical Theology

This is a study of the Ordo or 'shape' of Orthodox Worship from beginning to 12th century. Essay required.

Introduction to the Orthodox Church

"The Way" and "The Truth" are the two textbooks used in this study that requires an essay covering the contents of both. The course covers what every Roman Catholic and Protestant should know about the Orthodox Christian Church. 

Introduction to Systematic Theology

This book covers the Historical, Biblical, and Evangelical thoughts on the subject of Systematic Theology as rendered by a Protestant theologian. It is used for both an understanding of the subject and a comparative to Orthodox teachings on this matter.

Jerome, Chrysostom & Friends: Essays & Translations

This is a rich source on the relation between men and women in the early Church. Essay and opinion required.

Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church

This book addresses various topics such as Introduction to Theology and Mysticism, God in Trinity, Created Being, The Divine Light, and others. Essay required on contents and opinion.

Orthodox Apologetic Theology

A treatise drawing heavily upon the fountains of wisdom of the ancient Orthodox tradition and bypassing the arid academics of Western theology to address the question: How do we know God is with us? Essay and opinion required.

Orthodox Dogmatic Theology

This is an advanced study in Orthodox Dogmatic Theology. Essay required with opinion of textbook contents.

Psychiatry, Ministry & Pastoral Counseling

This source book on pastoral counseling tackles almost every major counseling situation faced within a parochial environment and a community. It is also offers a good explanation of pastoral and moral theology in pastoral care. Essay required.

Required Specialization Study

SMSC will select a current study in the theological specialty area chosen by the student. These change throughout the year. Essay required.

Scientific Examination of Orthodox Church Calendar

This is a study on the Julian Calendar that received Patristic sanctions in the Orthodox Church and the deficiencies and the qualities that surround it. The book addresses the Gregorian Calendar as well, and it offers information on the patristic validity that both calendars have. Essay and opinion required.

Systematic Theology

This book provides a well-informed overview in systematic theology and many topics related to it. It is biblical, historical, and evangelical in its contents. Essay required.

The Law of God

This book begins with the subject of creation and continues with many other topics relevant to people of faith in today's world. It is a comprehensive treatment of the Orthodox Faith. Essay required.

The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church

This is an introduction on Theology and Mysticism as believed by the Orthodox Christian Church. Chapters include God in Trinity, Created Being, Economy of the Holy Spirit, and The Way of Union. The student is to submit an essay detailing the information given in this book and their understanding of what is written.

Theologie Dogmatique Orthodoxe

This book is one of the fundamental modern texts of Orthodox theology in English. The translation of the original book in Russian by Father Seraphim Rose. Essay and opinion required.

Theology: Catechesis

The fundamental beliefs of the Orthodox Catholic Church are defined in a catechetical format. Essay required.

Theology and Church

This textbook is rooted in the tradition of the Greek Fathers of the Church, yet is open to contemporary Christian thought. It gives a dynamic presentation of the Orthodox doctrine of the Trinity as a basis of ecclesiology and anthropology. Essay required.

Theology of Law & Authority

This work examines the ideas of the English Reformers regarding the origin and nature of law and authority for both Church and Commonwealth. It also addresses a spectrum of issues from theology and history to law, ethics, and political philosophy. Essay and opinion required.