The Saint Mark Seminary and College is a religious Institution of the Syriac-Greek Orthodox Catholic Church.   It offers continuing and distance education accessible to all that desire to incorporate spiritual growth with academic professional development.  Under the patronage of St Mark the Evangelist it was approved by the Synod of Bishops on February 23, 1995.
Although a "distance education institution" it offers those eligible who wish to become priests a chance to enter a resident seminary process at Our Lady of Sitka Monestary in Cleveland, Ohio.  Saint Marks became an academic institution receiving canonical approbation on November 1, 1995. It is the result of a creative response for a Christian distance education program serving those who cannot leave home to study, but wish to earn a degree in one of the religious vocations recognized through non-traditional study that requires both academic (study) interpretation and independent research.

Saint Mark Seminary and College serves people of all faiths and does not discriminate against any person eligible to matriculate who has met our academic standards. Our diverse methods seek to build upon personal competence through prayer, research, scholarly inquiry, and the advancement of knowledge in matters of global and religious significance. We emphasize the dignity of each person.

The academic programs offered are Theocentric and holistic in nature to ensure a well-rounded education. 
The Theocentric approach considers the psycho-spiritual-social and physical implications of theology. Students are encouraged to use their qualities in completing research projects and developing goals for responsible participation in a transformational world. Our motto is "Serving God's World through Education." .

Saint Mark Seminary and College
4202 Newark Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44109